The Place for a New Consultant to Learn and Develop!

Welcome to the home for information, tools, tips and resources for a new consultant (and a not-so- new consultant). We're glad you joined us! Take a look around to find the resources you need!


This website is a place for information, tips, tools and resources to help new consultants (and not-so- new consultants) be as effective as possible. 

When I was a new consultant I was a subject matter expert, but was pretty clueless about what I needed to know for the consulting side of being a consultant.  I learned most of what I know about consulting the hard way, through a series of experiences that  were good learning experiences, but oftern frustrating for me, my client, and what we were trying to accomplish. 

I started this website so other  new consultants can benefit from my experiences, and the experiences of others, and become as effective as possible, as painlessly as possible.

Oh sure, you’ll still learn some lessons the hard way. But with New Consultant Headquarters, you will hopefully learn more of what you need to know the “easy” way.

Best of luck in your journey as a consultant and thanks for visiting New Consultant Headquarters!